Using E Cigarettes To Quit For Good

Nobody really wants to smoke, no matter how much they enjoy it. The inevitable consequences are simply too great. Given their power of addiction though, quitting is beyond challenging: it’s brutal. Enter the e cigarette! Finally, something that will actually work to make quitting bearable.

Go Back And Forth

Getting yourself accustom to e cigarettes is easy when you keep switching between them and the tobacco version. Alternate whenever you feel like at first, then start calculating your transition.

Always Have One With You

One major difference between electronic and tobacco smoking is that the e version allows to “light up” in a lot more places. Because the simple thought of giving up tobacco is stressful, lean on your ecig whenever needed, by keeping one at your fingertips all the time.

Give Quitting A Try

The next time you run out of tobacco smokes, leave it that way. Simply reach for your electronic cigarette and act like that’s all there ever was. You will discover little difference between your vaping and actual cigarettes! See if you can’t get use to it, even for the time being. In the even that you do give in and revert to your old, far more toxic ways, just repeat the process until tobacco is history.

We all know that quitting is brutal, but ecigs are quickly changing the playing field. You now have no reason not to quit and a really satisfying way to go about it.

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