Using E Cigarettes To Quit For Good

Nobody really wants to smoke, no matter how much they enjoy it. The inevitable consequences are simply too great. Given their power of addiction though, quitting is beyond challenging: it’s brutal. Enter the e cigarette! Finally, something that will actually work to make quitting bearable.

Go Back And Forth

Getting yourself accustom to e cigarettes is easy when you keep switching between them and the tobacco version. Alternate whenever you feel like at first, then start calculating your transition.

Always Have One With You

One major difference between electronic and tobacco smoking is that the e version allows to “light up” in a lot more places. Because the simple thought of giving up tobacco is stressful, lean on your ecig whenever needed, by keeping one at your fingertips all the time.

Give Quitting A Try

The next time you run out of tobacco smokes, leave it that way. Simply reach for your electronic cigarette and act like that’s all there ever was. You will discover little difference between your vaping and actual cigarettes! See if you can’t get use to it, even for the time being. In the even that you do give in and revert to your old, far more toxic ways, just repeat the process until tobacco is history.

We all know that quitting is brutal, but ecigs are quickly changing the playing field. You now have no reason not to quit and a really satisfying way to go about it.

E cigarette flavors to look out for

Almost everyone who has tried using electronic cigarettes has never been disappointed. The level of satisfaction from using an e cig is just astonishing, and keeps you going on all day long. In addition to this, using an e-cigarette has many benefits for both you and the people around. E-cigs reduce the risk of getting lung cancer and other respiratory infections by availing nicotine only to quench your thirst. These cigarettes do not promote secondary smoking at all, as the only by product emitted is water vapor alone.

You can now use an electronic cigarette topped up with your favorite flavor for increased satisfaction and class. Available e cigarette flavors include;

1. Vanilla flavor: Vanilla has been an avid flavor in many food materials, and you can now enjoy the flavor in your cigar. You can have your cartridge refilled with this flavor, or just buy a new one instead/
2. Cherry Crush E cig Flavor: This is a flavor that will make your smoking experience tantalizing. It gives a feeling almost the same as the one from a hookah. Many people who have sampled this flavor have stuck with it for a long time.
3. Menthol Flavors: The menthol flavor is available in many electronic cigarette brands. It gives a cool refreshing taste and feel while smoking, thus giving you a tranquil sensation to relax. Some companies even mix menthol with peppermint just to make it elegant and softer.
4. Tobacco flavor: If you love the tobacco after taster while smoking, this flavor will be good for you. The flavor gives you the rich natural flavor of tobacco that many look for in cigarettes. It is a classic flavor and has been since electronic cigarettes where invented.
5. The coffee Flavor: This has a rich taste of chocolate and cream, which makes you feel like you are taking original aromatic coffee. Cartridges that come with this flavor have a fine chocolate look, which makes it both elegant and great to look at.
6. The cola flavor: Cola is prominent is fizzy drinks and many people like it for its sweet and crispy taste. You can now enjoy the same taste in your cigar. The cola flavor is a hotcake especially during fun evens and during parties.

These are but just a few flavors available in the markets today. The banana flavor is another famous e liquid flavor that many people love. You know do not have to smoke the routine e-cigarette with the same flavor over and over again. You can substitute and switch between these flavors based on events or your liking, and get to enjoy every puff you take.

Thanks to these flavors, the menthol and peppermint flavors have made it possible for many people to be able to quit smoking. Most of the medicated e cigarettes come in these two flavors to ease the quitting process. E-cigarettes have been the key to helping most of these person come of the smoking bondage, while other attempts failed. This has been a major win for e cig manufacturers.